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Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) - the most advanced clipboard tool to date

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) adds super cool tools to transform your text from your clipboard & has easy to use clipboard history. 

It's the most advanced clipboard tool

The key advance of CPPT is text transformations, which have been accumulated since 2014. You will not find in another tool or text editor, with these transformations features. Each of the power tools have been customized and are unique apps, you'll not find anywhere else. All power tools by default open with current clip on clipboard! Improving speed.

1-click to access functions and history

Right-click on icon to reveal menu

To use, you copy text (CTRL-C), then Right-Click CPPT icon to reveal menu - choose a transform, and finally paste (CTRL-V) the result. It's that simple.

Example of using a simple transformation for the current clip and pasting into a blog. Note: CPPT removes the HTML formatting that otherwise would be pasted here.

What is Windows Clipboard?

A brief introduction. The clipboard or Windows clipboard is an area in Windows operating system memory that stores clips that you can cut and paste into any other application (if that application is designed to allow this).  There are number of clipboard formats including text, Unicode text (supports different languages like Japanese), images, HTML, objects types (like Excel worksheets) and many more. BTW, you can monitor the current clip on the clipboard with Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT)  as it comes with a simple clipboard viewer.


Are you an information worker ? Spend all day on your laptop? Are you a programmer? 

Increase you're clip productivity by 90%*  

The aim of this tool is improve your productivity when moving information around on your computer.  With this tool it dramatically improves your work efficiency and get's ride of common annoyances.

*If you compare with how a processors stores a recent list of instructions in a cache, instead of reaching out to slower memory, the hit ratio is about 90%! Specifically, the L2 memory cache for techies. Clipboard history can store the last 3 to 25 recent items, saving you the effort to find and retyping them. Increasing your productivity. Moreover, it makes commonly found transformations from the best text editors and many you find nowhere else and make them available to you.

Ever need to paste text without formatting ?

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) comes strips HTML formatting and paste into any application!

What did I copy 3 pastes ago ?

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) comes with easy to use clipboard history that appear on the menu of the tool. Super easy to use and in one place with one click!

Why is this most advanced on the market ?

CPPT provides these distinct features, like no other; 

  • an easily accessible clipboard history available from the system tray and is a boon to efficiency
  • integrates 6 custom Power Apps; HTML editor, Text Editor (w/ regex), Hex Editor, Excel Formula Fixer, SQL Beautifier, Mouse Stuck-Keyboard Tester
  • most recent used (MRU) list of transformation functions, at top of dynamic menu
  • 90+ super transformations

CPPT comes with most advanced power tools so you don't have to go looking for them. Like  super fast Notepad repacement called Notepad2 that supports regex and line numbers. Each power tool app pastes the current clipboard into the app on startup! Saving you more time. 

I built this tool for speeding up mundane tasks for the information worker and developers.


First Steps After install - Is icon is missing? 

1) If the icon is missing in the system tray, then expand it to reveal the hidden portion. Clicking on up arrow in Win 10, a triangle in Win 7. 

2) Then click and hold on icon to drag down to the system tray to be visible for easy access.

Basic Example - Try it

1. Let's copy the text "the end ?". You can select all the text in the below formatted text area.
the end? 

Tip! You can use keyboard shortcut keys (CTRL-c) to copy available in most applications to the operating systems clipboard.

Right-click on icon to reveal menu

2. Right-click on your mouse while hover over the Clipboard PlainText PowerTool icon located in the Windows system tray, located to the bottom right to list menu of functions.

These functions will be applied to the current text on the clipboard and save it to clipboard history (see Accessing Clipboard History below).

In this simple example, choose Convert to UPPER CASE transform. Notice icon will will change from empty icon to a icon with text on it.
Partial menu of Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT)

3. Paste (CTRL-v) result, "THE END ?" into you're text application.


Icon States

1. Empty Icon - Indicates an empty clipboard. Also it indicates if a transformation fails, yielding no results and clears clipboard.

2. Full Icon - Indicates text on the clipboard. CPPT successfully grabbed the system clipboard.
3. Function Icon - Indicates that a transformation/function completed successfully. The transformed text is loaded onto current clip on the clipboard ready to paste.

Accessing ClipBoard History 

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) comes with easy to use clipboard history feature - clips appear on the menu of the tool itself. 

  1. The top of the clipboard history contains the current clip on the clipboard.
  2. Select any previous text clip from menu below
  3. Clipboard history stack, the youngest most recent clip is the (top) and the oldest is on the (bottom).  

The number of clips to appear on the menu is controlled in the Options.

Deleting  Clipboard History

Double-click on the icon rapidly, this will delete current clip and move the clipboard history up. The current clipboard clip will be empty. 

Note: Clicking on Icon does nothing - Is this by design? 

Yes, this is by design. A single click on the icon has been disabled, after a one time warning - read it. The was disabled because it interferes with other applications menus. 


CPPT Major Productivity Features

  • easily accessible Clipboard History with ability to obfuscate passwords
  • 90 Productivity Text Transformation Functions
  • 6 Power Tools
  • most recent used (MRU) list of transformation functions, at top of dynamic menu
  • custom assign 3 combo/hot shortcut keys to any transformation function
  • enables logging (off by default) to Excel file, so you can sort and filter by datetime and source application!

CPPT Global Hot/Combo Shortcut Keys

Copy & mask a passworduse ALT-CTRL-c
Launch PT Notepad w/regex supportuse ALT-CTRL-p
Get most recent clip history itemuse CTRL-1,   CTRL-2   or CTRL-3
Get most recent function history itemuse CTRL-F1, CTRL-F2 or CTRL-F3
3 Custom combo keys assigned to any function3 custom key combo assignments

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool Functions

Here's one function that you will not see anywhere else.

Using Clipboard Plaintext PowerTool, you can grab and HTML table of any size and select either column or row that you want. See video below!

Version 4.2 -  90 productivity functions - 6 Major Power Tools/Apps

List of All Available Super Productive Functions

ASCIILessCtrlChrsRepeat as LinesPivotHTMLTable
ASCIITextRepeat as ColumnsPivotHTMLTabletoText
ASCII w/ subsJoinLinesGetRowHTMLTable
ANSIJoinLines w/ spaceGetColumnHTMLTable
Unicode w/ subsSplitonInputGetURLto?
Lower CaseDedupLinesGetLocalIP
Upper CaseSortAscendingGetPublicIP
Title CaseSortDescendingURLLinkExpander
Smart Title CaseSortOrdinalAscURLDecodeEncode
Sentence CaseSortOrdinalDescGetAllLinksfromHTML
Backslash EscapeSortOrdinalLenDescSmiley
Excel EscapeExtractNumbersAddGetEmailsfromHTML
Regex EscapeExtractDatetoEmailAddress
Regex UnEscapeGenPasswordJoinLinesInputSeperated
Single QuoteDateStampedCommentGetHexFromNumber
Double QuotedFliponDelimiterGetNumberFromHex
PrePostSmartAppendYAMLtoJSONLaunch Hex Editor
PrePostSmartRemoveGetHTMLLaunch SQLFormatter
RemoveDupSpacesBeautifiyHTMLLaunch Excelerator
RemoveAllSpacesHTMLRemoveStyleAttrsLaunch PTNotepad
RemoveAllPuncsHTMLRemoveAllAttributesLaunch VisualHTMLEditor
Left TrimGetTextBetweenHTMLTagsLaunch CharacterMap
Right TrimHTMLEntitiesEncodeLaunch ClipboardViewer
Trim TextHTMLEntitiesDecodeLaunch MouseKeyboardTester


CPPT comes with powerful full fledged applications at your fingertips for the modern day information professional. Each power tool app pastes the current clipboard into the app on startup!

They include the following; 

1. Visual HTML Editor

Visual HTML Editor with programming language syntax highlighting, full Unicode text, spell checker and pixel ruler! A basic replicant of MS Office FrontPage Editor. It loads with the current clip of clipboard on startup.

2 . Excelerator

Excelerator - Excel Formula Fast Fixer App that parses Excel formula language for errors and mismatched quotes. A unique app to CPPT. This does not load the current clip on the clipboard into the app, so you first can play around with sample Excel formula.

3. SQL Formatter

SQL Formatter App that indents and formats aka 'beautifies' SQL statements. Another orginal app for CPPT. It also loads the current clip on the clipboard on startup. 

Note: Click Beautify SQL in upper menu to perform action.

4. Notepad with Regex Support

PlainText Notepad with Regex Support is simple and fast text editor with regular expression (regex) search and replace and syntax highlighting for 40 programming languages. It another original to CPPT, and found nowhere else. It loads with the current clip on the clipboard.

5. Hex Editor

Free Hex Editor is a tool that can open any file in their raw format, examining the bytes (hexadecimal values) that make up the file.  The tool is written in C/C++ make it super fast to open large files. It has been customized to load the last clip on the clipboard on startup.
You can edit inspect system files, disks, disk images, memory, and log files; patch errors, and examine disk structures. Be cautious with this tool! Changes are irreversible

Update Frhed Version 1.7.3.+  available in version 4.2 of CPPT

Great for web developers 

Added super fast Base64 encoding and decoding feature with MIME image support. 

Image files with extensions (.BMP, .GIF, .ICO, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .SVG., .TIF, .TIFF, .WEBP) will included the proper Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) type for those supported images. 

data:image/png;base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAA ...

So supported  images will be Base64 encoded with following prefix in the file export. Take for example a Base64 encoded .PNG will look like; 

Other of image types examples are image/jpeg, image/png, and image/svg+xml.

Note: MIME is type of Internet standard originally developed to allow the exchange of different types of data files through e-mail messages, and used to set "Content-Type:" as well.  Some refer to this as a 'media type' or MIME type is a standard that indicates the nature and format of a document, file, or assortment of bytes. It is defined and standardized in IETF's RFC 6838.

6. Mouse Keyboard Tester 

Mouse Keyboard Tester tests for stuck keys and malfunctioning mouse. A unique feature is that it measure the distance between to points onscreen in pixels. So you graphics designers can use this as a on-screen ruler. The "Delta" column measure distance between mouse clicks, as indicated by red arrow. This is an original app and included in CPPT.

The 6 Apps available from 'Power Tools' menu option #14. 

Plus 2 Free Additional Apps (CPPT version 4.2+)

7. Notepad 2 

Notepad2 is a free and open-source text editor for Microsoft Windows, released under a BSD software license. It was written by Florian Balmer using the Scintilla editor component, and it was first publicly released in April 2004. It is written in C, and is super fast.  Has been customize to load clipboard on start.

Open source code available here

Windows File Manager (WinFile.exe) 

Windows File Manager (WinFile.exe) was last seen in WinXP.  Windows File Manager (WinFile) was superseded by Windows Explorer in Windows ME, 7 and 10. Especially useful, is the ability work on with Windows long paths (> 260 length - explained here) , especially on Windows 7 and versions of before 
Windows 10 1909 Release.

WinFile is open source project sponsored by Microsoft and builds available for Windows 7,10 here -

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool All Menus

New in this release v4.2, is super fast Notepad2, a Notepad replacement.

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool Options

In Options, you can set a custom combo hotkey to and function. 
New in release v4.2  is the ability to log clipboard history to a daily CSV file.

Note: When assigning Custom Hotkeys you have to find a combination of keys that does not interfere with your installed applications and Windows itself! CPPT will give you a warning for already assigned keys for applications that are currently running only. So run all your applications you use and then assign the keys below.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Keyboard shortcuts in Office

List Of All Functions Available To Set As A Hotkey 

  1. ASCIILessCtrlChrs
  2. ASCIIText
  3. ASCII w/ subs
  4. ANSI
  5. Unicode w/ subs
  6. Unicode
  7. Lower Case
  8. Upper Case
  9. Title Case
  10. Smart Title Case
  11. Sentence Case
  12. BlogPostDashURL
  13. Backslash Escape
  14. Excel Escape
  15. Regex Escape
  16. Regex UnEscape
  17. Single Quote
  18. Double Quoted
  19. toJSON
  20. GetTextBetweenQuotes
  21. PrePostAppend
  22. PrePostRemove
  23. PrePostSmartAppend
  24. PrePostSmartRemove
  25. RemoveDupSpaces
  26. RemoveAllSpaces
  27. RemoveAllPuncs
  28. Left Trim
  29. Right Trim
  30. Trim Text
  31. Repeat as Lines
  32. Repeat as Columns
  33. JoinLines
  34. JoinLines w/ space
  35. SplitonInput
  36. SplitonWhitespace
  37. DedupLines
  38. SortAscending
  39. SortDescending
  40. SortOrdinalAsc
  41. SortOrdinalDesc
  42. SortOrdinalLenAsc
  43. SortOrdinalLenDesc
  44. ExtractNumbersAdd
  45. ExtractDate
  46. GenPassword
  47. DateStampedComment
  48. FliponDelimiter
  49. InvertUNIXDOSPaths
  50. GetDOSShortPath
  51. BeautifyJSON
  52. JSONtoYAML
  53. YAMLtoJSON
  54. GetHTML
  55. BeautifiyHTML
  56. HTMLRemoveStyleAttrs
  57. HTMLRemoveAllAttributes
  58. GetTextBetweenHTMLTags
  59. HTMLEntitiesEncode
  60. HTMLEntitiesDecode
  61. PivotHTMLTable
  62. PivotHTMLTabletoText
  63. GetRowHTMLTable
  64. GetColumnHTMLTable
  65. GetURLto?
  66. GetBaseURL
  67. GetLocalIP
  68. GetPublicIP
  69. URLLinkExpander
  70. URLDecodeEncode
  71. GetAllLinksfromHTML
  72. WordStats
  73. Smiley
  74. GetEmailsfromHTML
  75. toEmailAddress
  76. JoinLinesInputSeperated
  77. GetHexFromNumber
  78. GetNumberFromHex
  79. AppendFileNameDatetimeStamp
  80. ReplaceAllPuncswSpace
  81. RemoveAllControlChars
  82. RemoveAllControlCharsButTabCRLF
  83. Launch Hex Editor
  84. Launch SQLFormatter
  85. Launch Excelerator
  86. Launch PTNotepad
  87. Launch VisualHTMLEditor
  88. Launch CharacterMap
  89. Launch ClipboardViewer
  90. Launch MouseKeyboardTester
  91. Launch Notepad2
  92. Launch WinFile

Software Prerequisites

If there are any issue that arise, install these first 

Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) does not store, gather or forward any information to be sent to the developer or transmitted directly to any third parties (except transformations that described below). No real time or monitoring data is gathered by this tool. No snooping. Your clips are private.
The only data gathered and stored is for licensing of this tool, and that is gathered via the licensing tool when you purchase the product and consists of your name, address, and a hardware/software fingerprint. This information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with any other party. Period.
Internet Connectivity
Functions that reach out to the internet are indicated by arrows.

▲ or ↑ up-arrow indicates pinging or reaching out to the internet.
▼ or ↓ down-arrow indicates downloading information/file from the internet.

As of version 4.5+ just using ▼ (down-arrow) for all transformations that require internet connectivity.

Using these internet connected functions briefly reaches out over the internet to complete it's task. It's not a sustained pipe.
Using internet transformation reveals about the same amount of metadata as surfing to that address in your browser. But typically it reveals far less browsing metadata and is more equivalent to a curl request on UNIX systems. No other information is shared. Technically, under the C# code covers, a HttpWebRequest is usually used most of the time.

Most internet transformations will reach out to the site you wish to HTML scrape or query. For example,

'Generate <A HREF= tag with title pulled from valid URL▼'

This transformation will query a valid URL (a website) (that you copied) and try to get the title of the HTML page so when you create the link, the hover text will be the title of the webpage you pointed to. 

you get
<a href='' target='_blank' title='Google'>Google</a>
how cool is that!

So the same information as a curl request is exposed here to the site, essentially a lite browser request.

Most internet transformation are like this, if not stated otherwise.

Third-Party Sites
'URL Link Expander' 

This transformation will query a URL and wait for the response from whatever shorting provider third-party site was used to create the short link. So the same information as a curl request is exposed here to the site, essentially a lite browser request.

'Get public IPv4 address▼'

This transformation does a lookup at to get your external IP address. It's a favorite used by programmers for many years, as of 2016 owned by Oracle.  I know, but it's a really handy feature, I use a lot. So the same information as a curl request is exposed here to the site, essentially a lite browser request.

'Sysinternals Live' tranformations download files from So the same information as a curl request is exposed here to the site, essentially a lite browser request.

Your privacy matters. 

Purchase v4.2 (v5.0 comming soon)

A single user license for Clipboard PlainText PowerTool (CPPT) is $57.77 USD per user, one time fee. Please use the contact form to request a licencse. Payments are via Paypal only.

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